archeoelogica | storia locale e futuro digitale

Cultural Association Lacus Timavi proposes archeoelogica, a three-day series of lectures about knowledge of Friuli Venezia Giulia historical and archaeological heritage, specifically about the northernmost part of the Adriatic sea, that is today’s Monfalcone area. The two subject matters of the lectures are named Archeo and Logica. The Archeo part will deal with current issues in classical archaeology and the  Logica part will deal with digital innovation as contemporary instrument of knowledge of local history. Promotion and knowledge which can engage new generations. For them there are two events about orientation to the new professions and school-work experiences. In particular, will be described 3dLacus: that is a school-work experience project, realised by cultural association Lacus Timavi in cooperation with I.S.I.S. BEM of Staranzano and FVG Digital Academy, a department of Insiel SpA. Students who joined this project became themselves protagonists in the investigation and the reconstruction of a part of the ancient area of present day Monfalcone, which is full of fascinating archaeological evidences worth knowing and re-evaluating.